Current students


Former Students

I was happy (and lucky :-) to supervise the following PhD. students:

  • Julian Monteiro, 2007–2010 (co-advisor with S. Perennes)
Modeling and Analysis of Reliable Peer-to-Peer Storage Systems
  • Juan-Carlos Maureira, 2008–2011 (co-advisor with JC Bermond)
  • Judicael Ribault, 2008–2011
Reuse and Scalability in Modeling and Simulation Software Engineering
  • DamiÓn Vicino, (co-tutelle with Carleton University; co-advisor with G. Wainer and F. Baude), 2012–2015
Improved Time Representation in Discrete-Event Simulation

Recently, I also supervised the following student interships:

  • Mario Taddei, Master 2 IFI (Ubinet), Research Internship (6mon, 2015)
  • Thanh Phuong PHAM, Master 2 IFI (Ubinet), Research Internship (6mon, 2012)
  • Inza Bamba, Master 2 IFI (Ubinet), M.Sc. Research Internship (6mon, 2010)
  • Alaedin Moussa, Polytech’Marseille 2nd year, Research Initiation Internship (2mon, 2010)



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